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PTV Distribution Planning Software Ltd and Birmingham City Mission

PTV DPS are proud to do their part for Birmingham City Mission by providing route planning software and services to aid in the much needed delivery of gifts at christmas.

Every Christmas Birmingham City Mission gives gifts to over 2,500 children in our city. These children would otherwise not receive Christmas presents.

Birmingham City Mission is a Christian charity established in 1966. Since then it has sought to share the Christian message and to offer practical help and support to the needy and marginalised of our city. BCM works with the homeless, elderly, children & young people and those struggling with poverty.

Birmingham City Mission's ToyLink

Each Christmas more than 1,000 families are referred to the ToyLink programme by Social Services, Health Centres, churches and other agencies. It is BCM's job to make sure all these families receive gifts for their children before Christmas Day. It is a mammoth task and involves huge amounts of organisation and volunteer help.

Toys are donated by churches, schools and companies as well as individuals. These toys are then checked and sorted. Hordes of volunteers wrap continuously through November and December. They carefully choose and wrap 4 gifts for each child and the parcels are then put in a sack ready for delivery.
Delivering the sacks around Birmingham is another huge task, requiring complex route planning and a great deal of manpower. But it is a joy to relieve these families of the financial strains of Christmas and to do our best to ensure that Birmingham's children in need receive Christmas presents.

"DPS has been hugely helpful to the ToyLink project. Not only has the provision of route planning software really improved efficiency, but we've been very grateful for the time given and support and interest in the project. We really need every help we can get with delivering toys to more than 1,100 locations in busy pre-Christmas Birmingham traffic, especially in the dark. We have spent much less time in traffic jams thanks to DPS!"

What gift shall I give?

BCM need new (or as new) toys, books and puzzles for boys and girls aged between 0 and 15 years old, and we are often short of gifts for the 0-2 and 13-15 age ranges.

Where shall I bring my gift?

Bring your gift to the bus today - we're here until 8pm.
If you can't bring your gift today, or if you'd like to organise a toy collection for BCM, please bring them to BCM Head Office at the address below, or contact us if you would like us to pick up a large collection.

Birmingham City Mission
75 Watery Lane Middleway
B9 4HN

Tel: 0121 766 6603

Email: office@birminghamcitymission.co.uk