Vehicle scheduling and route planning software

Vehicle routing management and planning that will save you time, money, and co2.

  • Schedule efficient routes from addresses, orders and vehicles
  • Locate new depots, track vehicle progress and more
  • Easy to integrate with your own existing supply chain software

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Vehicle Scheduling Consultancy

Logistics planning and management software that wins awards

  • 2010 - ICT Excellence Awards - Winner - Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • 2010 - ICT Excellence Awards - Highly Commended - Strategic Business Improvement
  • 2007 - ICT Excellence Awards - Overall Winner
  • 2007 - Institute of Transport Management - Best Vehicle Routing System

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Route Planning Software

Supply chain software that's easy to integrate

Vehicle routing management and planning that will save you time, money, and co2.

  • Our products (desktop or web-based) will enhance existing vehicle planning procedures
  • We also offer “black box” software that software developers can take advantage of
  • XML-driven logixcentral DIRECT API allows your systems to use our cloud-based services

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Developer XML APIs

Scheduling and tracking systems that work with the best

Good working relationships with related companies help us to help your business.

  • Our vehicle tracking systems are enhanced by TomTom Work and Webfleet
  • We will help you analyze efficient business solutions
  • With Red Prairie warehouse software, we can provide depot management systems

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Logistics Partners

Vehicle routing you can count on

Our software has proven beneficial across a range of industries both in the private and public sectors:

  • Local Authorities (e.g. Haringey Council, Essex Equipment Services)
  • Parcel Delivery (e.g. City Link, UK Mail Ltd, Yodel)
  • Telecommunications (e.g. BT Supply Chain Partners)

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“...the costs of running the system are recovered immediately and we get immediate and very significant financial benefits.”
JD Sports

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DPS (Distribution Planning Software Ltd) is one of the world's leading suppliers of vehicle scheduling and vehicle routing software solutions (the LogiX suite), based on a wealth of experience in logistics consulting. With decades of experience, a range of consultancy services and award winning software, we know we can help your business.

Desktop Software (Windows XP - 7)

Desktop PC Software

Offline planning, scheduling and tracking

Key advantages:

  • Works on most Windows PCs (XP-7)
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Feature-rich logistics planning systems

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Web-based Products (IE6 +)

Online Scheduling

Online planning, scheduling and tracking

Key advantages:

  • Web browser based (IE6+)
  • No initial software investment
  • Not tied to one office or PC

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Integration Software (Desktop/Web-based)

Scheduling Engines

Vehicle scheduling engines and APIs

Key advantages:

  • Use our algorithms with your software
  • Online and offline solutions available
  • XML API (logixcentral DIRECT)

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Route Optimiser from DPS International Ltd

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