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DPS Welcomes new customer CooP, Sweden

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DPS are pleased to welcome CooP, Sweden as a customer after their purchase of Plan LogiX.

KF - The Swedish Cooperative Union, is a federation of 47 consumer cooperative societies in Sweden, with over 3 million individual members.

KF is the parent company of KF Group where Coop's grocery retail trade constitutes its core business. Coop operates grocery retail shops in chains like Coop Forum, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum and Coop Nära. Together with the retail consumer cooperative societies, Coop accounts for 21.5 percent of the entire Swedish grocery retail sector.

Sweden’s food sales and distribution is dominated by three companies: ICA/AHOLD, COOP and DAGAB. All three companies use Plan LogiX to optimise their distribution on a strategic and tactical basis. Plan LogiX spreads out to other countries within the groups; two of the companies also uses the system in Norway.


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