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DPS welcomes new customer OSS Group

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DPS are pleased to welcome OSS Group as a customer after their purchase of LogiX.

The OSS Group specialises in waste oil collection, oil recycling, hazardous waste collection and parts washers. OSS also produces NexGen™, the legally compliant processed fuel oil (PFO) and Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO).

The OSS Group is Europe's leading provider of hazardous waste solutions and is a producer of NexGen™ recycled fuel oil, an environmentally acceptable alternative to virgin fuel oils.

OSS provides the most practical, cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions for the safe collection and recycling of waste oil and other hazardous wastes with ZERO landfill.

The OSS Group can trace its history back over 30 years but was formally founded in 1987. The company initially focused on its waste oil collection and recycling services. From this base the company has expanded its range of services to cover the full spectrum of hazardous waste solutions and now offers a range of other hazardous waste services to complement its waste oil collection and fuel oil sales.


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