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55% increase in bus passengers, thanks to LogiX IE

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Swedish Radio P4 Kalmar reports that:"the new system with local bus transit in Kalmar has been a success. 55% more people are riding the new buses compared to the previous flex buses.

Since the start of the year, anyone can order the bus service, without ordering in advance or being registered as eligible for 'transport service for the disabled'. Also, if you live within the defined area, you can get picked up right on your doorstep. In the future the number of buses and routes will increase if the interest for this service keeps on growing."

Aspea Mobile Systems was hired to do a job for the Kalmar region order central (KLB), to create a technical platform for increased atomisation and optimisation of vehicle resources. KLB plans community paid transport in the Kalmar region and around 1700 routes are jointly planned on a daily basis.

The requirements were being able to combine linear-steered public transport, call-steered public transport and random taxi routes to find the cheapest solution for every journey. Aspea chose to implement the DPS route optimisation engine LogiX IE, mainly because it's easy to control from external applications. Another requirement was being able to work with several concurrent calculations as it is imperative to calculate all queries several times to come up with the most cost efficient route.


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