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Norsk Hydro fuel benefit from new tanker features in Plan LogiX

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Norsk Hydro delivers approximately 1.4 M m3 of fuel across Sweden, which is about the equivalent mileage of 2000 times around the globe each year. Given the amount of mileage the possibilities for cost savings through efficient route planning are huge.

Norsk Hydro signed an agreement with IBS AB to make their whole transport management more efficient. The contract comprises of IBS transport system CockPit Tanker Version, mobile data communication from MobiOne and DPS scheduling system Plan LogiX. The combination of these systems gives support to order handling, route- and load planning, vehicle control, real time positioning, economic control, environmental and quality control, mobile communication and depot management.

During this project DPS developed a multitude of new features in PlanLogiX; most of the features are specific for tanker transport but there are also general features that other transport segments benefits from, such as truck and trailer management, available product per depot and the number of loading bays can be limited to prevent build up of vehicles waiting to load/unload.

The contract gives Norsk Hydro a broad transport optimisation platform which is easily integrated with their other systems.


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