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Essex Equipment Service increase next day orders and reduce fuel

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The Essex Equipment Service provides a wide variety of services to the people of Essex working in partnership with five Primary Care Trusts and three district councils, in addition to the Essex Occupational Therapy Service and Fostercare Service. They operate as an integrated provider within the meaning of the 1999 Health Act flexibilities. They have service level agreements with all partners which specify precise service requirements and performance standards.

Essex Equipment Services have undertaken a 3 month pilot of DPS Logix routing software for its driver fitter team. The anticipated outcome of the pilot was that savings would be made by increasing the productive time spent delivering and installing equipment for service users rather than each driver route planning on an individual basis. It was anticipated that efficiencies would also be made in fuel consumption per delivery as well as in having less vehicles on the road, so lowering the carbon footprint of Essex Equipment Service.

This pilot has now finished and EES are fully utilising the software. Don Gibson, Logistics Supervisor at Essex Equipment Service, said:

"This implementation has led to an increase in completed orders on a next day basis of 24% and a per delivery fuel efficiency improvement of 20%. Logix enabled EES to increase the capacity of its team without increasing staffing costs and has justified the investment. The software is now an integral part of the Essex Equipment Service delivery process and the potential for further efficiencies using additions to this system are currently being explored by EES."


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