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DPS & TomTom Work Join Forces

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TomTom WORK is the business-to-business division of the world leader in portable navigation solutions, TomTom. Created in 2006, TomTom WORK is already Europe’s fastest growing telematics solution provider and continues to provide innovative, easy to use and affordable vehicle tracking and navigation solutions.

With TomTom WORK, fleet managers have the opportunity to track vehicles around the clock and profit from extensive reporting tools. This includes reports on mileage, vehicle idling, exception reports and detailed journey reports, as well as providing a simple tool to dispatch jobs directly to the TomTom navigation device.

TomTom WORK and DPS have combined forces to offer a fully integrated end to end scheduling and job dispatch solution, allowing the scheduling and route planning to be optimized using the real tine information provided by TomTom WORK. In particular, ETAs from the TomTom Navigation device are fed back to the DPS scheduling platform, allowing the system to react to changing conditions on the road in real time.

TomTom WORK have also just released a Truck Navigation solution for the first time which will also benefit businesses using the DPS solution. This solution will provide route information that is optimised for HGVs and features relevant information such as clearance heights and weight restrictions. With new routing algorithms, TomTom WORK's truck navigation solution makes it possible for trucks to be kept away from small town roads and narrow residential areas whenever possible. Typical or maximum truck speeds are also taken into consideration and so the expected arrival times are realistically calculated. All users have to do is enter their vehicle parameters, such as vehicle measurements or axle and total weight, into the TomTom WORK navigation solution


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