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Sweco optimize newspaper distribution

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Sweco’s GIS-consultants have been engaged by Aftonbladet and Expressen, two of the largest newspapers in Sweden, to make their whole distribution of newspapers more efficient and to reduce the transport costs. They have in common 12 000 retailers.

The project was started in Sundsvall, north of Sweden where the optimization result showed a reduced delivery time in total of 9 % and the number of vehicles where reduced from 4 to 3. Nothing was changed for the retailers, they receive the newspapers at the same time as before.

“The next task was to develop a custom-made system for route optimization to support the transport leaders”, said Katarina Malmberg, senior consultant at Sweco Position AB in Stockholm. Now the system is operating. This work is continuously an ongoing project, which leads to improved economy and reduced environmental influence.

Swecos solution has been integrated with the DPS route optimisation engine LogiXIE with Navteq database and visualization from Ms MapPoint Web Service.


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