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DPS Welcomes new customer TRB, Sweden

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DPS are pleased to welcome TRB, Sweden as a customer after their purchase of Plan LogiX, logixcentral, LogiX IE, Route LogiX Professional and TourOptimiser.

TRB has signed a framework agreement for all DPS products and it’s valid for all co-owners of TRB.

TRB Sweden is co-owned competence company for the transport industry and is owned by 16 regional transport companies (BDX, Maserfrakt, MLT AB, Foria AB, Alltransport, Samfrakt i Sydost AB, GKF Frakt AB, Alwex Transport AB, GDL Transport AB, LBC Varberg, GLC, Centralen, LBC-Frakt Värmland, Närkefrakt, Sundfrakt and Bilfrakt.se). Their total part of the Swedish haulage industry is about 20 %. TRB was founded in 1988 and is today a competence company regarding questions like environmental, IT, traffic security, fuel, logistic and education.

TRB sent out an interest request for procurement of a framework agreement for route optimisation products to their co-owners during the autumn 2009. The co-owners IT manager met a number of suppliers in the beginning of 2010 to gather information as a base to an offer for quotation.

“Modern transport companies always try to minimise the traffic work and environmental impact but at the same time have focused on cost reductions. The fast development of information technology is increasing within the haulage industry and today it’s possible to apply route optimisation systems even on a small number of vehicles with good results and at a number of different assignments” says Per Olof Arnäs (VD at TRB).

The agreement is valid for 5 years and includes DPS different services and the systems: Plan LogiX, logixcentral, LogiX IE, Route LogiX Professional and TourOptimiser.



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