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DPS Welcomes new customer 4 Transport AB, Sweden

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DPS are pleased to welcome 4 Transport AB, Sweden as a customer after their purchase of Plan LogiX.

4 Transport AB is a relative new transport company in the geographic area of Stockholm. On a daily basis they have hundreds of deliveries with narrow time windows that have to be handled with high quality. This makes the transport planning very important. They therefore invested in Plan LogiX during the summer 2010.

“Our vision is to be able to handle these deliveries in a fast and cost effective way for our customers. The priority is high delivery accuracy and the quality that our customer expects from us. Since the time windows are very narrow this makes the transport planning very complex. We have therefore invested in Plan LogiX which optimises all our deliveries and the result is that we reach a high quality for delivery accuracy in a cost efficient way both for us and our customers” says Martin Thimgren, VD at 4 Transport.



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