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DPS Welcomes new customer Prolog Påväg , Sweden

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DPS are pleased to welcome Prolog Påväg, Sweden as a customer after their purchase of TourOptimiser.

Prolog Påväg is specialised in night transport through the geographic area of Mälardalen (Sweden). Their biggest assignments are Newspapers and Pharmacy distribution and their mission is to deliver a high quality on goods with narrow time windows. The environment is very important so they only use vehicles with low environmental impact and the drivers are trained in “Eco driving”. The company is off course also certified according to ISO 14001.

“The use of DPS product TourOptimiser is a way of reaching our environmental goals with lower fuel consumptions and at the same time better cost efficiency. We think that TourOptimiser is going to help us plan our transport more efficient than today and it has been easy to start using the service thanks to the great support from Solveig Andersson” says Ingela Forsberg, Transport coordinator at Prolog Påväg“.



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