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DPS Welcomes new customer MECA Car Parts AB, Sweden

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DPS are pleased to welcome MECA Car Parts AB, Sweden as a customer after their purchase of our LogiX Suite.

Meca is one of the leading suppliers for the aftermarket in Scandinavia regarding spare parts, tools etc. to garages and partners. The turnover for 2009 was 1285 MSEK with a result of 70 MSEK. Their vision is to work for a more cost effective and easier ownership of cars without lowering the quality of products and service. This is done by being an attractive partner to the garages associated to the Meca Car Service concept. The garages are supplied from 80 different stores across Scandinavia and this logistic is necessary to be both fast and on time.

To handle this logistic Meca also have a central warehouse in Eskiltuna (Sweden) and a national warehouse in Gjövik (Norway). Through these two warehouses Meca can reach almost the whole of Scandinavia over one night.


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