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DPS welcomes new customer Riverford

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DPS are pleased to welcome Riverford as a customer after their purchase of logixcentral.

ORGANIC veg box company Riverford is investing into making its fleet of delivery vans more efficient to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Every week, its veg men and women deliver 47,000 veg boxes and other organic produce to homes all over the UK. Locally, deliveries are made from Sacrewell, near Peterborough, to customers across the city.

Now, a partnership between Riverford and logistics solutions company DPS International is making deliveries to these areas more fuel efficient. New logixcentral software means that journeys are better planned and managed to ensure deliveries are made in the most efficient manner, covering the fewest number of miles possible.

Riverford has an ongoing commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.

Jon Day, who helps to run the farm at Sacrewell, said: “The core commitment of our business is to work with nature rather than against it – that’s why we don’t use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides in our fields. We think about how all the decisions we make affect the environment, including everything from the type of packaging we use to the most energy efficient way of using our fridges.

“We completed a two-year study on this with Exeter University which helped us identify more areas that we can improve. I’m delighted that we’re now making our delivery process more efficient. We’ve invested in new software that will save time and cut fuel emissions, reducing the number of delivery vans on the road at any one time.”



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