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LAA 2013 Silver Medal Winners - Compass Waste Services/CargoWare

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Compass Waste Services was established in 1998 to supply healthcare products and provide professional healthcare risk waste management services to the healthcare community. The realisation that certain inefficiencies were damaging the company was seen as a wake-up-call.

Compass Waste Services grew steadily from inception, and turnover rose 238 percent in the period 2007 to 2013. However, all was not well. The business departments operated with a ‘silo’ mentality resulting in massive duplication to achieve the same end result. Problems continually arose in trying to consolidate information for reporting purposes and compiling an overall view of the business performance. Centralised decision making and information systems made the organisation less responsive to customer needs and it was realised that this had to be decentralized.

Solutions were recognises and implemented: SAP Business 1 was chosen not only as the primary accounting system but also to provide functionality and user-defined options to cater for additional fields stored and updated for use in the other operational systems for sales, logistics and warehousing. The DPS PlanLogiX system supported by CargoWare was introduced. The challenge was to find a system that would not only allow for the planning of product delivery via warehousing but also the collection of medical waste from all the hospitals and clinics serviced. The tracking/scanning solution was provided by Reutech to streamline and assist in control and management of inventory in the warehouse and also to assist in the picking process as well as the loading sequence of the vehicles. The introduction of a sophisticated, integrated IT solution across the enterprise has led to far greater performance and reduced cost. These improvements have been achieved over and above an increase in turnover of nearly 40 percent during the project phases, which indicates that the actual performance is significantly higher than the figures indicate.


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