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Routing and Scheduling Solutions Software for scheduling of your routes

Our routing and scheduling system enables users to calculate effective transport schedules for vehicles and drivers based at any number of depots, cutting transport costs and improving fleet efficiency.

Scheduling and Optimisation of your transport routes, no matter the size of your company can provide a vast array of benefits.

DPS make this process simple with our range of Route Optimiser software applications

Routing and Scheduling Software Solutions

How does the routing and scheduling software work?

DPS Route Optimiser software is highly configurable and capable of handling the wide range of transport constraints that arise in logistics operations.

The optimisation system uses details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details, and many other transportation parameters.

Using our own highly developed algorithm designed specifically for optimising road-based transport operations, DPS Route Optimiser software calculates the most effective delivery and collection sequences with accurate journey times, allocating loads to appropriate vehicles and drivers accordingly. This ensures that the schedules are geographically feasible to meet promised arrival time windows, while improving fleet utilisation and productivity through efficient routes with minimal total mileage incurred and empty running reduced.

The transport planning software enables companies with multiple depots to plan the routes for all their vehicles and drivers centrally as a single planning task.

Depot boundaries can be adjusted dynamically to ensure calls are routed from the most suitable depot according to fleet availability and the geographic spread of orders on the day. This improves overall transport efficiency and avoids having vehicles and drivers standing idle at one depot while hiring extra resources at another.

Smarter Routing and Scheduling